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Who am I?

I'm a fan fiction writer. I write in a lot of fandoms and read in many more. My favorite ones to read are Buffy the Vampire, Teen Wolf,the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Stargate Sg1 & Atlantis, Harry Potter and many more. My favorite pairings are Xander/Spike, Sheppard/McKay, Stiles/Derek, Darcy/Loki, Bilbo/Thorin, Legolas/Gilmi.

I post slowly because real life is a bitch. Things like work and family get in the way of writing. I'm also a very bad speller so if you read my stuff please don't except perfect spelling or grammar.

What else, what else...I'm very sarcastic and it reflects in my writing style. So when I start posting, if I do, don't be surprised.